Pearly-thinaah Seeking Best Formula For Paris 2024 Olympics

Pearly Tan-M. Thinaah
17/04/2024 12:38 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 (Bernama) -- After successfully booking a slot for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the country's women's doubles pair, Pearly Tan-M Thinaah, is now focused on finding the best formula to be consistent in the matches to put on an extraordinary performance in the world's biggest sporting event. 

Pearly, 24, said they are devising a strategy with the coaching staff to detect the weakness and strength of playing patterns by analysing video clips.

“The coach has discussed with us about the same mistakes based on the previous few games. In the first game we won and when we were leading, (must) be less consistent and then we lost.

“We are looking for a way to solve the problem. (Regarding training abroad), we have not heard anything from the coaches because they are focusing on the players competing in the 2024 Uber Cup,” she said after undergoing a training session at the Malaysian Badminton Academy recently.

Asked if the pair will choose the number of tournaments to participate in before going to the Olympics, Pearly said all those will be decided by the coaching staff who certainly know better their level of ability on the court.

The Kedahan said that the Malaysian Masters 2024 which will take place on May 21-26 is the only known tournament on their radar thus far.

“We are injury-free but need to focus on getting stronger because there are several tournaments with high intensity. I am ready from the beginning because I want to compete in the Olympics but I need to look after myself including my physical condition as well as strengthen my muscles.

“The Olympics is the dream of every athlete (including) me since I was a child. I am very happy to compete (in the Olympics) and now I want to focus and hope to give the best results," she said.

The 2024 Paris Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 26 to Aug 11.